Neil Plimmer


About Neil Plimmer

Having been a PGA golf professional for over 20 years he has been involved in all areas of the game. But it was working with children in schools and at golf clubs where he has dedicated a large proportion of his work.

After leaving a role as a club professional he moved to Horsham Golf & Fitness where he was asked to come up with a new coaching programme. Working alongside fellow JOLF director, Jonathan Shipstone, they sat down with a blank sheet of paper and JOLF was born!!! Over the years thousands of children have played JOLF in schools and at golf clubs around the country. The business and what they offer continues to change as they learn and grow.

Neil has been lucky to be invited to speak across the world to coaches about JOLF and share his knowledge and experiences. He is happiest with a group of 30 children in a school delivering sessions and coming up with different experiences that will engage children and create a love for golf, and sport in general.

Married with a daughter and son who are obsessed with cricket (and LEGO) he shares his children’s passions. Also a keen runner who is always trying to beat his PB’s.