Keeping Children Safe & Managing Behaviour

Study Time

6 hours approximately

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6 months



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Any time


Jonathan Shipstone & Neil Plimmer


£70 +VAT
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One of a coach’s main responsibilities is to keep each child safe. In fact, when children come to coaching sessions, or going on the golf course, the coach has a legal responsibility to make sure that they are both safe and feel safe, physically and emotionally.

Children’s safety and their opportunity for learning depend on the coach’s ability to establish high standards of behaviour for all children. The course has three modules.

– Module 1 gives ten pieces of essential advice on how to ensure children are safe during coaching sessions.
– Module 2 explains our recommendations for helping coaches achieve the good behaviour needed for children to be safe, happy and learning.
– Module 3 is a short introduction to safeguarding and child protection.


Module 1 – Safety

Ten pieces of essential advice on ensure children are safe:

1. Interesting sessions
2. Zero tolerance
3. Calm and sensible from the start
4. Clear unequivocal simple language
5. Praise good behaviour
6. Make it easy for children to be safe
7. Appropriate equipment
8. Effects of weather
9. Be ready to manage injury
10. Risk assessments

Module 2 – Managing Behaviour

• The coach is a calm, fair, friendly and consistent authority figure
• Attend to the causes of unwanted behaviours
• The coach should use her authority to apply well-established principles and procedures for dealing with unwanted behaviours

Module 3 – Safeguarding & Child Protection

• What are the risks?
• What procedures should be in place?
• Contacts and examples

Completing the Course

Delegates must complete all units of the course, which include a number of self-marked “stop & think” exercises and a tutor-marked end-of-course assignment, to be awarded the “Promote Golf Module in Keeping Children Safe & Managing Behaviour”.

Certificate Qualification

This course also counts towards the “The Children's Golf Coach” Certificate course.

PGA Members

On completion/participation of this course, PGA Professionals will be provided with valid supporting evidence and information from us so that it can be added as a structured formal learning opportunity on their CPD records.

What graduates say...

Wojciech Wasniewski

"Very good course, on what might be the most important part of coaching children, yet often overlooked by formal training courses etc."

Steve Hopper

"Heavy going as it's new stuff to me but that's what I'm doing the course for, to learn, so very good."


£70 +VAT

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