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It's Boom Time for Golf Entertainment

New concepts of golf participation are making for an exciting time in the golf industry. Indeed, ‘off-course’ participation, that of golf-based activities not taking place on traditional golf courses, is actually showing massive growth. It’s not a new phenomenon, off-course golf participation in other counties such as China has been increasing for many years, however it’s relatively new to the UK – certainly at the levels of growth seen in the last five years.


The golf industry has long sought their version of crickets 20/20 – a shortened form of the sport to attract the time-poor so often identified as the cause of traditional golf’s demise. 9-hole courses have been championed by the golfing associations for a number of years and 6-hole courses have also received some attention more recently thanks largely to the televised World Super 6 knockout tournaments. However, golf’s exposure to new audiences, including children and families, has been driven largely by the increase in Adventure Golf courses, digital games-based driving ranges and Foot Golf. In combination, these new ‘golf entertainment’ pastimes are accounting for the vast majority of growth being reported in the sport.


Setting aside wider aspirations of increased participation, the business opportunities presented by ‘golf entertainment’ is significant. Current golf club business models are being transformed by the addition of these new forms of the game; dedicated ‘golf entertainment’ venues are being built across the UK offering multiple different forms of golf-themed fun; and indoor venues are on the rise and are attracting a new adult audience in the evenings.


Dedicated golf entertainment venues and off-course variations of the sport are certainly challenging the golfing status-quo. Regardless of the views on their impact, now or in the future, on the traditional game of golf, you can’t but help admire their increasingly popularity.



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