Adventure Golf

Adventure Golf

Adventure Golf has its roots in the Crazy Golf courses many of us used to play at the seaside. However, far from a rundown windmill taking centre stage, many of today’s courses have spectacular features such as waterfalls, dinosaurs, ships and aeroplanes.


When built at more traditional golf club venues, the transformation of the business is quite astounding. From the introduction of families and children, often for the very first time at the venue, to the increase in revenues coming directly from the Adventure Golf course and also from the secondary spends on merchandise, food and beverage – the sea change is overt.


Then there are the Adventure Golf venues located away from the traditional golf club environment, many standing up in their own right as leisure venues of huge popularity. Indoor Adventure Golf is also showing significant growth, with the consumer now exposed to ‘golf’ as an option, next door to the cinema and bowling alley on the local leisure park.

How Can We Help?

Promote Golf have worked with both indoor and outdoor golf entertainment venues located at golf clubs, driving ranges and in leisure parks. In this regard, we like to think of ourselves as one of the leaders in golf entertainment consultancy, offering a variety of services that help proprietors make an informed decision on their investment.

Market Feasibility Plans

We research the local market, using socio-demographic profiling models, to identify the volume and location of the ‘types’ of customer we know, from our experience, are most attracted to golf entertainment.


We undertake a full competitor analysis, researching both off-course golf experience venues and other ‘leisure’ pursuits that will be competitors to the new venue.


We review all local authority planning applications to research possible new entrants to the marketplace.

Theme Development

We research the local Adventure Golf venues with a view to creating a broad theme for the new course that isn’t replicated locally but is still mainstream enough to resonate with the target audience.


We propose a number of alterative themes through mood-boards and suggest how these may work commercially.


We suggest layout options that will maximise sales opportunities whilst making the course operationally manageable, in both peak and off-peak times.

Branding & Launch

In partnership with our sister company, Promote Marketing, we create a number of initial draft visuals including logo, website and flyer design. From the chosen designs, we create a ‘brand guidelines’ document, to ensure consistency of colour palate and typefaces.


We create the venues “digital footprint”, including website, social media accounts, online listings and Google Maps location.


We deliver a comprehensive launch marketing plan including extensive use of social media, email marketing and pay-per-click, as well as free PR through local press.

Ongoing Marketing Support

The relationship never ends after the opening.


We are always retained by our clients to continue with marketing support thereafter and advise on the events and initiatives that we know to work.

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