Social Media

Let Social Media Sing for Your Golf Business

Golf businesses have so much to gain from social media. Facebook, X and Instagram are great tools to showcase your golf venues facilities and services and engage with your potential customers.


Whilst there’s a lot of hype about it, the truth is that effective social media broadcasting is really very simple. The big mistake most companies make is only broadcasting offers and deals – and that just turns as many people off as it does on.


Effective social media broadcasting is much more about engagement. It’s about opening up a regular line of communication to your potential customers that’s person-to-person, appropriate, interesting and two-way.


At Promote Golf, our experience of social media has been gained exclusively from front-line practice. This means we know what works from having tried and tested it before on the shop floor.

Marketing Packages for Your Club

Our wide range of social media packages mean that we can service golf venues with both large and small budgets. Take a look at some of our marketing packages or get in touch to arrange a no-obligation consultation meeting to create the perfect marketing service for you.

Account Set-Up

Sounds simple, right? Well you may be surprised to know that over 35% of Facebook accounts aren’t “verified”. This means that while the account looks okay and seems to be doing the job from the outside, it’s actually not optimised for maximum reach and coverage.


At Promote Golf, we set-up accounts accurately and properly for all the main channels. It not only means that your business will be shown in the best possible light, it also means you’ll reach a bigger audience of potential customers.


Getting the set-up of the account right is the first step to social media success.

Your Business - Your Account

Total transparency and honesty are at the core of Promote Golf's ethos. As such, any account we work with will always remain the property of our client’s business.


You retain full administrator access to all social media accounts, giving you and your business maximum security.


Promote Golf have helped many golf venues with their pay-per-click campaigns. In fact, we like to think we’re the market leader.


This powerful, relatively new advertising medium has such massive potential to change your business, it’s almost scary!


Let us show you the opportunity that awaits.

Organic Posts

Here’s the thing – if your golf club isn’t on social media, you’re letting a world of potential customers fly by. But here’s another thing – if your golf club IS on social media but not actively communicating on it, you are kind of telling potential customers you don’t care or that you're closed.


You have to be on it, but you have to be using it too, and we know that this is a time-consuming job.


Promote Golf can keep your social media accounts active and show potential customers that you’re not only open for business – but you also care.

Account Management

Did you know that Facebook now measures the time it takes you to respond to an inbound enquiry? The longer you take, the less favourable rating you get from Facebook.


Social media really has become like the new telephone – but who has the time or resources to employ more people to answer it?


Promote Golf's "Rapid Response Service" can manage all your social media accounts to ensure they’re never left unattended.

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