Coaching Golf to Children

Study Time

6 hours approximately

Time Limit

6 months



Start Date

Any time


Jonathan Shipstone & Neil Plimmer


£70 +VAT
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The Coaching Golf to Children elearning course is a broad introduction to coaching golf to children. It is aimed at both people who are new to coaching children and experienced coaches who are looking for a new perspective on their coaching. The course is also suitable for club junior organisers, PE teachers, and parents who are interested in learning more about current best practice.


Section 1 – Reflective Practice

An excellent coach of children looks at their coaching as an ongoing learning experience.

– What is reflective practice?
– Examples of reflective practice
– Qualities of a reflective coach
– Advice for a reflective coach

Section 2 – Children

An excellent coach of children understands the motivational needs of children.

– Motivation and games
– Motivation and process
– Motivation and failure

Section 3 – Parents

An excellent coach of children understands how parents can contribute positively to their children’s development.

– Parents need to know their children are safe
– Parents need to know their children are happy
– Parents need to know their children learning
– Parents need to be involved

Section 4 – Golf Course Play

An excellent coach of children provides enjoyable and appropriate golf course playing experiences.

– Golf Game Sense
– Modifying existing golf courses
– Child-sized golf courses created by the coach

Section 5 – Coaching Through Games

An excellent coach of children provides enjoyable and appropriate games and challenges in coaching sessions.

– What is a games-based approach
– What does the coach do in a games-based approach
– The benefits of a games-based approach

Section 6 – Safety & Managing Groups of Children

An excellent coach of children understands her role in safeguarding children and protecting them from harm.

– Safeguarding
– Safety

Section 7 – The Business of Coaching Golf to Children

An excellent coach of children understands the business environment in which he/she works.

– Key words in publicity
– The products on offer

Completing the Course

Delegates must complete all units of the course, which include a number of self-marked “stop & think” exercises and a tutor-marked end-of-course assignment, to be awarded the “Promote Golf Module in Coaching Golf to Children”.

Certificate Qualification

This course also counts towards the “The Children's Golf Coach” Certificate course.

PGA Members

On completion/participation of this course, PGA Professionals will be provided with valid supporting evidence and information from us so that it can be added as a structured formal learning opportunity on their CPD records.

What graduates say...

David Meaney

"This was a very valuable course that covers topics which can be overlooked as a youth coach. Highly recommended for all levels of youth coach."

David Bradshaw

"The course was good, it refreshes the brain on a few things from the PGA qualification and reminds me of a few things. It helps build new ideas and knowledge to put into coaching sessions."

Steve Hopper

"Really enjoyed learning new skills and like the coaching philosophy that is taught."

Alvin Brasseaux

"Very clear, precise informative guidelines and important information. Throughly enjoyed taking the course and looking forward to the next one."

Sam Brown

"Superb! A lot of good content, made me really think about the way in which I was coaching children. There is a lot of which I will be adding into my next sessions."

Tim Cockill

"Useful course to undertake in helping to further my knowledge and skills around coaching golf to children."

Wing Kei Lee

"Contains good information and easy to navigate."

Zhane Mayo

"It's a very good way of learning with lots of useful information that I think will be beneficial to me as I coach children."


£70 +VAT

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