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Design That Makes You Look Good

The dictionary defines graphic design as “the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words and ideas to convey information to an audience”. It’s often important to keep that basic definition in mind because its simplicity focuses the mind.


Great graphic design isn’t about being clever or showcasing your talents of the latest graphic design software. The most powerful design is often the simplest – clean, uncluttered, clear and above all, communicative.


At Promote Golf, we’re passionate about effective communication through graphic design. We have worked closely with a wide range of businesses, creating everything from business cards and letterheads through to brochures, publications and websites.

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Graphic design that inspires doesn't have to cost the earth. Refresh your brand with Promote Golf today. Take a look at some of our marketing packages or get in touch to arrange a no-obligation consultation meeting to create the perfect marketing service for you.

Understanding What You Need

Good communication skills are an essential part of Promote Golf's graphic design principles. Making pretty pictures is nice, but the most important part of the design process happens way before we put pen to paper (or cursor to monitor)!


It’s about how we interpret your needs through listening, research, concept development and balance between aesthetics and function.

Five Principles

Design is founded in five principles:


  1. balance... for stability and structure
  2. hierarchy... to create organisation and direction
  3. contrast... to generate impact and highlight important areas
  4. repetition... to unify and strengthen
  5. alignment... to create a sharper, clearer outcome


They're the overriding principles we work with on any graphic design project entrusted to Promote Golf.

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