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Laser Targeted Google Ads

Promote Golf are Google Ads specialists. We cut through the jargon to focus on what will drive relevant and productive leads to your golf business.


It’s those two words, “relevant” and “productive”, that are key denominators to any truly successful ads campaign. In the new(ish) world of Pay-Per-Click, it’s a costly mistake to believe that the volume of clicks through to your website is the singular goal – it isn’t.


At Promote Golf, we work tirelessly on providing clicks to your site that are most likely to provide your business with a sale, new lead or enquiry. Actually, what we don’t want is a whole load of clicks that end up nowhere – that’s just a waste of your money.


Thanks to the partnership with our sister company, Promote Marketing, we have vast experience of managing numerous Google Ads campaigns for a wide range of businesses across the UK - including golf clubs, golf entertainment venues and golf ranges. Our experience in the golf industry means that we’ve built up a strong understanding of the keywords and phrases that attract productive clicks. It’s this understanding that’s separates Promote Golf from the rest.

Marketing Packages for Your Club

Google Ads isn't just for large scale companies - it works great for individual golf venues too. Take a look at some of our marketing packages or get in touch to arrange a no-obligation consultation meeting to create the perfect marketing service for you.

Ethical Pricing Policy

Many marketing agencies will charge relative to the number of clicks they attract through the ads campaign. But anyone can attract clicks – we only want the relevant and productive ones to maximise return on Google Ads investment.


This is why at Promote Golf we stick to a fixed ads account management fee and work closely with you through the account set-up phase all the way through to analysing and interpreting the results.


Our aim is simple – to drive only relevant and productive clicks to your website.

Website Integration

A Google Ads account can’t be managed effectively in isolation – it has to work in tandem with your website. Put simplistically, it has to be a collaboration between the campaign set-up and the features of the webpage destination.


Ultimately, this has the effect of not only driving more relevant and productive clicks, but also ensuring that your Google Ad is most prominent on the search page and the click is purchased at the best rate.


Promote Golf adopt this holistic approach to Google Ads that will help ensure maximum returns for your business.

Your Business - Your Account

Promote Golf believe in total transparency in everything we do. As such, whether we adopt a Google Ads account that’s already in existence, or create a new one from scratch, the client will always have full administrator access. Furthermore, the account will always be in the name of our client – not our own.


We don’t hide behind third-party interfaces or cut-off access to the native Google Ads account.

Premier Google Partner

Through our full-service marketing agency sister company, Promote Marketing, we’re proud to be a Premier Google Partner, which means we’re recognised by Google for having the knowledge, experience and technical know-how to provide an outstanding service for our clients.

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