Golf Course Management (part 2)

Study Time

20 hours approximately

Time Limit

6 months



Start Date

Any time


Laurence Pithie


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This course continues the series from Laurence Pithie, a Master Head Greenkeeper with over 40 years experience. Although named “part-2”, you don’t have to have completed part-1 in order to take this course.

In this course, we take a closer look at cultural practices of sound golf course management, from aeration through to over-seeding. We also look at the difficulties in managing fine sports turf areas in relation to disorders, pests and diseases, each presenting a significant risk to play surfaces and the customer’s experience of the course.


Section 1 – Cultural Practices

– Aeration
– Top Dressing
– Scarification
– Over-seeding

Section 2 – Turf Disorders

– Turf Stress
– Thatch
– Dry Patch
– Black Layer
– Algae
– Moss
– Equipment Damage
– Product Damage

Section 3 – Turf Pests

– Earthworms
– Leatherjackets
– Chafer Grubs
– Nematodes
– Moles
– Canada Geese
– Rabbits
– Badgers
– Foxes
– Grazing Animals
– Weeds

Section 4 – Turf Diseases

– Disease Prevention
– Fungicides & Disease Control
– Fusarium
– Anthracnose
– Dollar Spot
– Take-All Patch
– Fairy Rings
– Thatch Fungi or Thatch Collapse
– Red Thread
– Other Turf Diseases

Completing the Course

Delegates must complete all units of the course, which include quizzes comprising of both multiple-choice and free-type questions, to be awarded the “Promote Golf Certificate – Golf Course Management – Part 2”.

PGA Members

On completion/participation of this course, PGA Professionals will be provided with valid supporting evidence and information from us so that it can be added as a structured formal learning opportunity on their CPD records.

What graduates say...

Graham Burnett

"A lot more in-depth of turf pests and diseases than get taught in college. A must for any greenkeeper wishing to move up the ladder."

Luke Randall

"Very helpful and useful for new course managers overseeing the green keeping team. Helps give information to improve knowledge on what green keepers will face and how to overcome certain problems. Also helps understand how long tasks can take so expecting certain results just isn’t going to happen over night."

Standard Price

£175 +VAT

Preferential Price

£130 +VAT

Preferential prices are available to members of the PGA of GB&I, PGA of Canada, Golf Club Stewards Association and for employees of clubs using Material Matters.

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