Generating Membership Leads

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Matthew Orwin
David Reeves


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The number of golf members at clubs today is falling. As a result, the pressure is on to arrest the slide by replacing resigned members with new ones.

In a competitive marketplace, with ever increasing demands on people’s time and money, a more refined and pro-active approach to new member recruitment is needed – starting at the beginning of the process by generating membership leads.

This course looks at that subject in relation to a golf club business and examines the tactics that can be employed to increase inbound membership activity.


Section 1 – Membership Leads

– Membership Doom & Gloom!
– Membership v’s Green Fee Revenue
– Prospects & Leads
– Three Core Focuses to a Successful Membership
– Profiling Golfers
– Internal Sources of Membership Leads

Section 2 – Data Collection

– The Importance of Data Collection
– Techniques for Collecting Visitor Data
– What to Fill in
– Overcoming Staff and Customer Objections
– What Data to Collect
– Making Staff Accountable for Data Collection
– Databases

Section 3 – Appraising Your Existing Membership

– Analysing Your Current Membership
– Membership Categories
– Pricing Review
– Benefits & Privileges
– The Membership Benefits Matrix
– Payment Options
– Contract Lengths
– What do New Members Take Away?

Section 4 – Member Referrals

– The Benefits of Referral Marketing
– The Key to Successful Referrals
– Popular Referral Promotions
– Encouraging Member-Guest Play
– Point-of-Sale Referrals

Section 5 – Marketing in the Community

– The Essential Ingredient – Part 1
– The Essential Ingredient – Part 2
– Reaching Out to the Community
– Successful Community Marketing Initiatives
– Getting the Word Out

Section 6 – Membership Promotions & Initiatives

– What is a Membership Promotion Trying to Achieve?
– Addressing Member Perceptions
– Proven Successful Membership Promotions
– Membership Lead Generation Initiatives

Section 7 – Advertising Media

– Advertising to our Data
– Advertising to Potential New Members
– Purchasing & Creating Databases
– Seven Times to Exhaustion
– Advertising Timing

Completing the Course

Delegates must complete all units of the course, which include five short self-assessment quizzes and one tutor-marked end-of-course assignment, to be awarded the “Promote Golf Certificate in Generating Membership Leads”.

Accreditation of Prior Learning

Accreditation of prior learning will be awarded to graduates of the “Driving Green Fee Revenues” elearning course and a reduced cost will apply.

PGA Members

On completion/participation of this course, PGA Professionals will be provided with valid supporting evidence and information from us so that it can be added as a structured formal learning opportunity on their CPD records.

What graduates say...

Derek Dolan

“Golf clubs are now operating in a rapidly changing marketplace, where the needs and desires of their current and prospective future members are also changing. For golf clubs to be successful in the future with membership recruitment they will have to adapt quicker to the demands of modern society than they have in the past. This course gives you access to those tools you will need to succeed in an easy to follow, well rounded and knowledgeable e-learning package. This course is highly recommended.”

Jamie Cundy

“The 'Generating Membership Leads' course is a must for any golf manager or PGA Professional looking to increase membership at their golfing facility. This well structured course talks you through the process of generation membership leads and the conversion. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in the golf industry.
There is certainly something new to learn in this course for even the most experienced of golf managers and secretaries.”

Ross Neill

“Excellent informative online course that can be completed at your leisure.”

Pier Lorusso

“Very informative, detailed, practical and current. I was able to converse with our Membership manager and even able to discuss some new and applicable methods to generate membership leads.”

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£195 +VAT

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£145 +VAT

Preferential prices are available to members of the PGA of GB&I, PGA of Canada, Golf Club Stewards Association and for employees of clubs using Material Matters.

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