Fitness Club Planning

Planning for Health & Fitness

Promote Golf are leaders in fitness club planning and consultancy, helping clubs with established fitness facilities as well as those looking to enter the market for the first time. We offer a variety of services that ensure proprietors, and their funding source, can make informed decisions on their investment.

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Adding fitness facilities can transform your golf business both financially and in the profile of customer that it attracts.

Market Feasibility Plans

We research the local market, using socio-demographic profiling models, to identify the volume and location of the ‘types’ of customer we know, from our experience, are most likely to be attracted to golf & fitness facilities.


We undertake full competitor analysis, researching local fitness clubs – their product offering, services and pricing point.


We advise on the best market to ‘pitch’ the fitness product to, also suggesting initial membership pricing points.

Architect Planning

We work with proprietors and architects to advise on the layout of the building, using our experience and knowledge of the golf & fitness club to ensure the final venue works both commercially and operationally.

Business Planning

Using benchmarking data we have accumulated over nearly two decades in the industry, we write financial business plans showing detailed incomes and expenditures that can be realistically expected from the new club.


We advise on the optimum membership structures and categories, and their associated terms and conditions.


We recommend key suppliers to the business, from builders and architects to IT systems and pool plant equipment.


We help advertise for, and recruit, key members of staff for the club including the Gym Manager and Sales Manager.


We help set-up the membership pre-sales environment where prospects can take a ‘virtual’ tour of the new club while it is being built.


We work alongside the sales team during pre-sales to ensure maximum lead conversion by both formal and informal training and mentoring.

Branding & Launch Marketing

In partnership with our sister company at Promote Marketing, we create initial draft visuals of new logos, websites and flyer designs for either the health club alone, or as part of a wider re-brand of the entire golf & fitness club.


From the chosen designs, we create a ‘brand guidelines’ document to ensure consistency of colour palate and typefaces.


We plan, create and deliver the entire pre-sales marketing activity.

Ongoing Marketing Support

We continue to support the club post-opening with marketing support through our sister company, Promote Marketing.

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