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Distressed Golf Business

It’s a sad fact that many golf clubs in the United Kingdom are suffering financially from a market where supply exceeds demand and costs, for things such as greenkeeping machinery, course materials and payroll, are seemingly always on the rise. It’s a pressured environment that’s seeing golf courses close every week.


Promote Golf have worked in the industry through the boom years of the early 1990’s and the lean years from the early 2000’s. We’ve experienced how tough it can be first-hand.


Our Club Recovery & Turnaround service works with golf club businesses to provide pre-emptive, actionable solutions that are effective and work for you because they are tailored to your needs and designed to act in the best interest of your club.


With over 70 years’ experience in the golf sector, we are experts in our field and provide pragmatic and specialist advice to our clients throughout the UK. We act quickly in critical situations, having the requisite skills, a huge resource we can call on from our industry contacts and vast knowledge of golf club businesses.


We are not corporate recovery accountants or insolvency practitioners – we’re golf business operatives who talk your language. Our aim is always simple – to get the club back to a sustainable position and secure its long-term future as a golf venue.

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