Golf Course Management (part 1)

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15 hours approximately

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6 months



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Laurence Pithie


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Any golf club’s primary product is the golf course, yet the science behind effective golf course management remains a little known subject amongst many club management teams.

This course, written by Laurence Pithie, a Master Greenkeeper with over 40 years experience, looks at the principles, practices and strategies relating to the maintenance of a golf course, from the Managers perspective.


Section 1 – Golf Course Management

– Management Structure
– Developing a Golf Course Management Strategy
– Work Planning, Personnel & Measurement
– The Role of the Course Manager

Section 2 – Course Environment & Climate

– Course Location & Regional Weather
– Soils
– Drainage
– Natural Vegetation
– Sustainability

Section 3 – Turfgrass Fundamentals

– Turfgrass Management
– Soil Components
– Soil Texture, Structure & Characteristics
– Plant Growth

Section 4 – Four Building Blocks for Managing Golf Turf

– Getting the Basics Right
– Growing Environment
– Water Management
– Nutrient Supply
– Mowing

Completing the Course

Delegates must complete all units of the course, which include four quizzes comprising of both multiple-choice and free-type questions, to be awarded the “Promote Golf Certificate – Golf Course Management – Part 1”.

PGA Members

On completion/participation of this course, PGA Professionals will be provided with valid supporting evidence and information from us so that it can be added as a structured formal learning opportunity on their CPD records.

What graduates say...

Simon Bell

“I thought it was a good introduction, sometimes teaching me as a total beginner and then at other times assuming more knowledge. Some of the terms used could have been explained a little more before popping up, but overall this is a great starting point for golf club managers and others.”

Christopher Berry

“A superb course that has given me invaluable information to assist me further in my golf career as a PGA Professional. It was presented extremely well and the resources were easy to access and navigate.”

Will Brogden

“I found it well laid out, easy to follow and very informative.”

Maurice Campbell

“Fantastic course with great knowledge and easily accessible.”

Tim Gilpin

“I enjoyed it, gave me a better insight into the subject. I found it harder than the F&B module because I guess I’m not a greenkeeper.”

Pier Lorusso

“The course was very informative for a non greenkeeper person like myself. It was well structured and balanced and covered all aspects of the golf course management that I thought necessary. Now I understand what my green keepers are up to and I can quite comfortably communicate with them with more assertiveness. I liked the ease of the elearning experience and flexibility in the way I was allowed to carry out the learning and the quizes were more than sufficient to ensure comprehension and learnings. I think the time allocation is more than sufficient.”

Luke Randall

“Overall this has given me more knowledge when it comes to how a golf course is set up and what factors should be considered. It's helped me to understand the greenkeepers point of view for example why sometimes the greens are left at 5mm when members moan that they are not at 3mm and running faster. More factors need to be taken into consideration rather than just sitting on a machine cutting the grass.”

Nicholas Sharples

“With the content easily spread out into manageable proportions I found I could easily work around my day to day schedule and work my way through the course. The information is easy to take in, very informative and well thought out. A great bonus to this course was that I could learn across a number of different platforms both on my laptop and iPad. "Golf Course Management – part 1" has given me the foundations to further progressive my knowledge as a PGA Professional to help me carry out my job with much better understanding.”

Standard Price

£145 +VAT

Preferential Price

£110 +VAT

Preferential prices are available to members of the PGA of GB&I, PGA of Canada, Golf Club Stewards Association and for employees of clubs using Material Matters.

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