Get More Likes on Your Facebook Business Page

Here’s a quick tip on how to get more people to like your Facebook business page for free!

When you post content onto your Facebook page, you will (hopefully) notice that people ‘Like’ the post. Sometimes these are people who have seen the post and may not necessarily have ‘Liked’ your Facebook business page in the past.

There is a really easy way to invite them to like your page.

Human Hands Holding Thumbs Up Symbol

Simply hover over the Like/Love symbols and click.


On doing so you can see that there is an opportunity to invite the individual to Like your Facebook business page.

Increasing your Facebook Likes is really is as simple as that! From experience you will find that at least 20% will respond to your request and give you a Like.

There are many ways to get more Likes to your golf business page. It is great to have a lot of people who follow you and like what your business does, but please note that Likes are also a sign of vanity and are not always an indication of the success of your Facebook marketing.

What is more important is that people are engaging with your content through comments, messages and shares. In addition, are those people who are commenting a relevant audience that will help you achieve your golf business objectives?

Running an Ad Campaign

You can also run an advertising campaign to ask people to Like your page. This can have mixed results as quite often your new followers are not potential customers, for even golfers. You can end up wasting valuable money.

If you are advertising on Facebook/Instagram ensure that you are using a free tool called Facebook Business Ads Manager. More importantly, never just hit the Boost button that Facebook prompts you to do all the time. This is not the most cost-effective way of advertising and often leads to your adverts being shown to an irrelevant audience and being a complete waste of money.

Social media advertising can be highly effective if setup correctly. Make sure you use different images for different profiles. This can take a lot of time but it is worth it. A male golfer in his 60s and a female golfer in her 20s respond to different types of advertising and imagery. They are completely different people, in fact, we are all completely different people. Why should we expect to get a good response from serving the same advert to everyone? Therefore the imagery of your adverts is very important and should be appropriately targeted.

Facebook allows you to do this targeting, which is why using the free software, Facebook Business Ads Manager, is so important.

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